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Accessibility, speed and control

Being successful in distribution vertical means accessibility, speed and control. This requires flawless execution in tracking the stocks and their rotation speed, namely supply and timely delivery. The technology will support distribution companies only under circumstances that can in turn deliver accessibility, speed and control.

Software solutions for distribution 

Charisma for Distribution – an end-to-end solution

TotalSoft integrated in Charisma modules for Distribution the functionalities most used by distributors. The package covers both front-office and back-office activities. The users benefit from a unified image throughout a supply chain. Charisma for Distribution offers specific solutions for clothing retailers, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical or food industry.


Charisma HCM quality services with motivated staff

Distribution vertical is a dynamic one from clients' requests and needed human resources perspectives. The companies from this vertical use from TotalSoft, The companies from this vertical are using from TotalSoft industry-specific solutions beyond (self-service, online trade, cost control, project management) and effective solutions for human resources management.