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Charisma HCM

Are you looking for a simple and effective software solution to manage your employees? Like our over 600 customers, you have just found it! Charisma HCM automates the HR process to optimize the most important assets of a company – employees.

Software solutions for Human Resources

When the software solution you are using offers you all you  need in only one place, a company’s objectives can be accomplished faster and with more reduced costs.
It is exactly what Charisma HCM provides. A unique system containing all the employees’ records, offering access to the data required to reduce all the errors, applies a company’s policies constantly and contributes to the business development.

Charisma HCM benefits:
  • Cost control by eliminating the data loading in multiple systems and increasing the HR productivity;
  • Reducing litigation, audit risk with a single solutions to apply, store and access data for the workforce;
  • Talent management by automation,  reducing boring tasks and enabling employees to focus on what they best know;

With over 17 years of experience, Charisma HCM benefits from:

  • Strong properties that provide high quality data and save time and effort;
  • Safe technology offering flexibility and integration with the existing systems;
  • For more details please visit the Charisma website.