Company History


Throughout its history, TotalSoft evolved initially from a local distributor of Primavera to a software house that provides industry solutions across the world. The company has expanded its offerings and capitalized on evolving management trends and technologies to benefit clients.


TotalSoft and Charisma expand their international footprint

  • TotalSoft takes new strategic steps in further penetrating international financial markets with its Charisma business solutions and opens a representative office in the Frankfurt area. 
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TotalSoft acquires Architected Business Solutions as part of its growth strategy

  • Leading business software solutions provider and integrator TotalSoft and Architected Business Solutions (ABS), a business management consultancy group based in Bucharest with solid international expertise in retail, technology and outsourcing services, finalized the acquisition procedures of ABS and merger with TotalSoft.
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Logo Yazılım (LOGO) acquires TotalSoft

  • Logo Yazılım (LOGO), the largest independent software provider in Turkey boasting a team of almost 600 employees and 800 business partners, acquired TotalSoft in autumn 2016, as part of its strategy to further expand into international markets and gain a competitive position in specialized vertical markets, such as finance, leasing, medical and agriculture.
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TotalSoft celebrates its 20th Year

  • Charisma wins an International  project in the financial services sector, with a roll out in 22 countries;
  • TotalSoft is declared the ERP market leader in Romania, for the fifth year in a row (Pierre Audoin Consultants PAC market research and consultancy);
  • Totalsoft’s global presence increases from 29 to 35 countries;
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Four multinational groups choose TotalSoft as provider

  • For the fourth year in a row, TotalSoft ranks first in top ERP providers in Romania and it is a market leader in the services, retail, distribution verticals and  second in the manufacturing vertical;
  • Develops the first Gamification solution operating on the Windows8 tablets in Europe which was awarded with the distinction of  ”Best Windows 8 App Developer in FY 13”  by Microsoft;
  • Launches 3 new solutions: Charisma Agriculture, Charisma eProcurement and Charisma Billing;
  • Four multinational groups select TotalSoft to implement new global CRM platforms - EconGas, OMV A.G., ISTA and  Daimler Group (Mercedes Benz);
  • The increasing demand for project management services and solutions on the international market lead to the rebranding of  this business line in TotalSoft.
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Consolidation year

  • Totalsoft receives the highest degree of competency in the Microsoft partnership system – Microsoft Gold Partner – for CRM,  BI, Data Platform, Application Development, Application Integration, SharePoint and Document Management solutions;
  • Totalsoft  Austria subsidiary starts up in Vienna;
  • Totalsoft Wins new strategic projects in the Republic of Moldova (Orange and Coca Cola), Brazil, Spain and Portugal, (Deutsche Leasing), Austria (Nabucco Gas Pipeline International, OMV);
  • Locally, TotalSoft is the no. 1 ERP provider in Romania, for the third year in a row;
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Varies the solution portfolio

  • The mobile devices division is established. This division launches over 10 solutions on Android & iOS platforms;
  • Enters into strategic partnerships with:

o Tableau Software,  global leader  in business intelligence technology;

o Lumesse,  the main European provider of talent management solutions; 

o Lugera & Makler, for Charisma HCM as a platform for payroll services as BPO for clients in Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Ukraine.

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Expands its activity in Europe and Middle East

    • Important projects in Austria, Dubai, Spain and Saudi Arabia;
    • Launches the first business intelligence applications in the world available on iPad (Charisma Cell Monitor and Charisma Analyzer);
    • Launches the first credit risk assessment service and Charisma Financial Risk Assessment developed with ICAP Romania.

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    Approaches new market segments

    • Approaches the infotainment and multimedia systems development (audio and navigation systems) for auto industry;
    • Initiates turnkey software development projects on the French market and releases several solutions  locally, such as the implementation of MS Dynamics CRM Mobility; 
    • The company celebrates 15 years of activity and the profitable growth continues.
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    Expanding the solution portfolio

    • Launches Charisma Collection for debt collection;
    • Extends its activity with new projects in Italy, Ukraine and the republic of Moldova.
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    It becomes the sole Primavera representative in Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary

    • Charisma ERP is awarded  with the distinction “The best software product” within the “Romanian IT&C awards”, entering the 1st tier segment  regarding the ERP solutions;
    • Launches Charisma Office Automation streamlining all the office operations; 
    • Due to its expertise in selling and implementing Primavera solution, TotalSoft becomes sole Primavera representative in Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.

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    Charisma ERP, the first ERP solution in Romania compatible with IFRS

    • KPMG certifies that  Charisma ERP is compatible with IFRS standards; 
    • Collaboration with Nokia Germany where a mobile reporting solution is implemented; 
    • The leasing solution is implemented at BMW Greece and various enterprise solutions in Bulgaria and Moldova.
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    Launches the payroll outsourcing and personnel administration service

    • Global Finance investment fund  becomes majority shareholder at TotalSoft;
    • TotalSoft enters the personal administration and payroll services market.
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    Charisma ERP enters the international market

    • Charisma ERP wins a project in Serbia making its first step in the international market;
    • The HR division launches the first HR Self Service - HCM Portal – an online gateway for employees to the human resources departments.
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    Develops two important e-procurement projects

    • Wins the bid launched by Portum AG Germany for the development of an e-procurement system all over Europe (project won against 47 companies in Europe);
    • The national public procurement system, (currently SEAP), is expanded.

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    Charisma ERP is launched

    • The company initiates a complex modernization project of the software solution  at Medicover International – the most important east-European network of medical centers (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, The Czech Republic).
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    Begins to develop the first Romanian ERP system

    • The American investment fund SEAF becomes one of TotalSoft’s shareholders;
    • TotalSoft invests 1 000 000 to develop Charisma ERP.

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    Develops an outsourcing project for document electronic archiving in the USA

    • Henkel outsources its IT services to TotalSoft;
    • Becomes the most important implementer and developer of turnkey software solutions for the retail and distribution segments.

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    Becomes ANIS founding member

    • Aims to promote the image of the Romanian software industry  on the international markets.
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    Charisma HCM is launched

    • Implements the Rational Unified Process methodology internally.
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    Offers the first integrated project management system

    • Offers the first integrated project management system, distributed, developed and implemented in 40 Conel locations;
    • Integrates the software for computer-aided design (CIMS – Ludan, Israel) and develops the first software package – Execution Technology.

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    The Primavera partner with the fastest growth

    • TotalSoft begins to develop software solutions for the external market – SNDC, Belgium;
    • The service activity includes deployments of optical fiber networks.
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    Becomes authorized distributor of Primavera Systems and Microsoft

    • Develops the first software application in the medical sector;
    • Offers networking and service activities for more than 500 computers.
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    Start-up TotalSoft

    • 6 specialists establish TotalSoft in Bucharest, Romania and lay the foundations of one of the most successful Romanian companies.

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    We envisage a world where technology is increasing the power of the many and enables the stories of tomorrow. We believe in the democratization of technology. Our vision is to go global and bold: be pioneer solution provider for our clients by digitalizing and automating today their journey of tomorrow for our strategic industries.