Solutions Industries Energy & Utilities

Scalability and configuration capacity

Companies in the energy and utilities sector meet complex challenges permanently – global economic fluctuations, critical changes related to demand and supply, changes in the regulatory framework, frequent procurement and mergers. Under these conditions, resource planning and operational efficiency are fundamental aspects of the activity that should be rapidly and accurately managed.

Software solutions for energy & utilities

Charisma Billing – an end-to-end solution with multiple benefits
Charisma Billing is an end-to-end solution enabling contract invoicing and management, a support for the consumer relationship. Charisma Billing allows metering and recording the individual energy consumption, a smart metering to process the consumption data. The solution enables multi-country, multi-firm, multi-location and multi-currency capitalization and integrates the software applications specific to the client’s current system 
(Document Management, ERP or CRM). Charisma Billing benefits from interfaces with ANRE site, other authorities in the energy sector (OPCOM), distributors or transporters.

Solution portfolio for the energy and utility sector
TotalSoft has a complex business solutions portfolio dedicated to companies in the Energy and Utilities sector: ERP, Project Management, Collection, Cost Control, e-procurement, Contract Management, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Document Management, Business Intelligence, Human Resources Management, Call Center, Self-Service, Customer relationship Management.